iMac Refresh Expected Soon Due to Short Supplies

Some reports today are indicating that the latest generation Apple iMac models will soon be experiencing some shortages. What this normally means is that Apple is planning on a refresh. The same happened with the iPad when the iPad 2 launched as well as the MacBook Pro back in February when the next gen model was being prepared for launch. It has also happened a number of times before.

So what can we expect from the new iMac range? What we hear is that Apple will likely keep the same design, same screen sizes and same keyboard etc… but will bump up the power of each model to include faster CPU’s, larger storage and we also expect to see the ThunderBolt (first seen in the MacBook Pro refresh this year) port being included in the refresh.

You are probably wondering when you can expect to see the new range of iMac computers. Sources at 9to5Mac are hinting that we could see them within the next 2 to 3 weeks, so if you are planning to get an iMac within the next few weeks we suggest holding off till the new models are announced.

When Apple updates the Apple Store and announces the refresh, we’ll have all the details along with technical specs and differences.

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