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Microsoft “Where’s my phone update?” Info for WP7 Launched

Yesterday, Microsoft started rolling out the latest Windows Phone 7 update… the one that brings copy/paste to the relatively new smartphone platform. The problem is, is that not all people are receiving the update just yet. Yesterday we heard that those unlocked devices, ie, not sold from a carrier, are getting the updates right now. But, those buying through a carrier such as Orange in the UK were told they had to wait longer.

The “Where’s my phone update?” website has been launched so that users can know within 10 days or so, when the next WP7 update will be launching on their new smartphone…

We periodically release software updates that add new features to your phone or improve its performance. When an update is available, a message appears on your phone letting you know. But we understand that it’s hard to wait, and that many of you want a better sense of when to expect your update.

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Subsidised iPad 2 Coming to T-Mobile UK – £199

Tomorrow is March 25, which also means that the iPad 2 will be going on sale at Apple stores in the UK. We now hear that T-Mobile will also be selling the iPad 2, on contract, for £199.

There are two prices for the iPad 2 on T-Mobile with the first being £199 and available to existing customers and the second is £229 for new customers. The only model available is the 3G 16GB with the 32GB and 64GB models not being sold through T-Mobile. [Read more…]

Samsung LCD Strategy Outlined

Over the next few years, we will more than likely be seeing higher pixel density screens according to Samsung. By 2015, the company expects to have screens that have a higher pixel density of about 300 to 400 PPI which will be made available for tablets to use.

The slide show was presented at CTIA and explained that screens would see a density increase, while getting thinner and having better power requirements. Right now, a 24.8Wh battery could last around 6 hours with the next version (200-300PPI) lasting around 8 hours and then in 2015 the 300 to 400 PPI lasting around 10 hours. Each iteration will get thinner than the previous model. [Read more…]

HTC EVO 3D Announced

HTC has announced the HTC EVO 3D. The new EVO uses a glasses-free 3D effect to make images pop out of the screen. The 3D screen measures 4.3 inches and is in a QHD resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. It also uses capacitive touch.

The new smartphone uses a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. It has 1GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM. The storage can be increased by microSD. The device has three cameras with a smaller front facing camera that can capture at 1.3 megapixels and two 5 megapixel cameras on the back. When capturing in 3D it captures at 2 megapixels, while in 2D it can capture at 5 megapixels. [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy S II Prototype Spotted

Thanks to gagadget, a prototype of the Galaxy S II has been pictured as well as captured on video (see embed below).

The device is believed to be a pre-production model which is close to the final version when it arrives. The two videos show the hardware and software running on the device, and from what we see and hear, it scores very well in the mini review. [Read more…]

Firefox 4 Released – Doubles IE9 Downloads in First 24 Hours

Mozilla launched Firefox 4 yesterday and within the first 24 hours of launch, over 4.7 million downloads had been clocked. The number now stands at about 5.4 million.

When we compare this to the likes of Internet Explorer 9 that Microsoft launched last week, it actually doubles the amount that the company had recorded. Within the first 24 hours, IE9 was downloaded 2.35 million times which in fairness, isn’t a bad number at all considering how IE has been declining over the last few years. [Read more…]

Microsoft Pushes Out First Windows Phone 7 Update

Microsoft has begun to distribute its first Windows Phone 7 update. It’s actually the second update technically, although the first was pushed out to prepare the device to get further updates.

The new update brings several new features to smartphones which includes copy and paste, faster start and resume time for apps, improved category search in the Marketplace as well as various other performance increases.

The update is numbered 7300 and began rolling out yesterday to WP7 smartphone users. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Pricing Official in UK

Earlier today, Apple confirmed that the iPad 2 was launching in the UK, along with 24 other countries this coming Friday. We heard rumors about pricing and now have confirmation that the iPad 2 is slightly cheaper than the original iPad at launch.

There are 12 variations of the iPad 2 coming to the UK and each will be priced as follows:

iPad 16GB WiFi (black/white) – £399 inc VAT
iPad 32GB WiFi (black/white) – £479 inc VAT
iPad 64GB WiFi (black/white) – £559 inc VAT [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 Official

After a couple of hints over the past month, Samsung has now launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. Along with that announcement, Samsung also re-announced the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both tablets will run the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 has an 8.9 inch display that has 1280 x 800 pixels. Powering the unit is a 1GHz dual-core processor. The tablet is a little smaller than the iPad (1 and 2) and Samsung have also managed to cram everything in to an 8.6mm unit which also beats the new iPad 2 by a few mm. [Read more…]

Amazon Appstore Launches

Amazon has launched its Appstore today and with that launch, it’s giving away a free download of the new Angry Birds Rio game. At the moment, Amazon has launched the app store in the US only and it isn’t known just yet when it will hit the UK and other countries.

With the launch of the appstore, Amazon is also giving away a paid app each day for free. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Coming to UK this Friday

Apple has announced that the iPad 2 will be launching in the UK this Friday (March 25) as expected. The launch is also happening in 24 other countries at the same time.

The new tablet will be going on sale at 1am this coming Friday where you’ll be able to place a pre-order. Apple will also be opening its doors in all the Apple stores at 5pm local time.

“While competitors are still struggling to catch up with our first iPad, we’ve changed the game again with iPad 2,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’re experiencing amazing demand for iPad 2 in the US, and customers around the world have told us they can’t wait to get their hands on it. We appreciate everyone’s patience and we are working hard to build enough iPads for everyone.”

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BlackBerry PlayBook to Cost $500 (16GB) – Pre-Order Today

RIM has finally announced the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook, along with the details of when and where you’ll be able to buy it.

RIM is making the new tablet device available in over 20,000 locations around the US and Canada and have set the price at $499. For this price, you get the 16GB model. This particular model is the WiFi only model. For those wanting the larger capacity devices, these are priced at $599 and $699 for 32GB and 64GB respectively. [Read more…]