Samsung LCD Strategy Outlined

Over the next few years, we will more than likely be seeing higher pixel density screens according to Samsung. By 2015, the company expects to have screens that have a higher pixel density of about 300 to 400 PPI which will be made available for tablets to use.

The slide show was presented at CTIA and explained that screens would see a density increase, while getting thinner and having better power requirements. Right now, a 24.8Wh battery could last around 6 hours with the next version (200-300PPI) lasting around 8 hours and then in 2015 the 300 to 400 PPI lasting around 10 hours. Each iteration will get thinner than the previous model.

One thing to remember here is that the screen sizes listed on the screenshot below might not be the exact tecnhnical specs that Samsung is shooting for as they might beat them earlier.

As well as working on the pixel density, Samsung is also working on a glasses-free 3D future for screens, in particular the middle of the screens that carries 200 – 300 pixels. This option is still being evaluated though as Samsung isn’t 100 percent clear where 3D is going at the moment.

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