Samsung Galaxy S II Prototype Spotted

Thanks to gagadget, a prototype of the Galaxy S II has been pictured as well as captured on video (see embed below).

The device is believed to be a pre-production model which is close to the final version when it arrives. The two videos show the hardware and software running on the device, and from what we see and hear, it scores very well in the mini review.

Video quality (3rd embedded video), looks to be good. The Galaxy S II is capable of capturing in 1080p.

The technical specs are decent as well. When launched, it will run Android 2.3. It also will run the TouchWiz 4.0 user interface. The processor is dual-core and runs at 1GHz. The screen is a new version of the Super AMOLED and now includes a Plus on the end which is essentially a slight change in how pixels work (full explanation over here).

The new smartphone will be arriving in the next few weeks to a month or so.

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