Subsidised iPad 2 Coming to T-Mobile UK – £199

Tomorrow is March 25, which also means that the iPad 2 will be going on sale at Apple stores in the UK. We now hear that T-Mobile will also be selling the iPad 2, on contract, for £199.

There are two prices for the iPad 2 on T-Mobile with the first being £199 and available to existing customers and the second is £229 for new customers. The only model available is the 3G 16GB with the 32GB and 64GB models not being sold through T-Mobile.

The contract will lock you in for 2 years and for monthly costs, expect to pay £25/month if you are an existing customer or £27 if you are a new customer to T-Mobile.

Data allowances are fairly generous at 1GB per month with an extra 1GB thrown in for those who use it between 12am and 10am each day… the quiet time.

To get hold of an iPad 2 from T-Mobile, you’ll need to place an order either online or over the phone beginning at 5pm tomorrow, March 25.

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