Microsoft “Where’s my phone update?” Info for WP7 Launched

Yesterday, Microsoft started rolling out the latest Windows Phone 7 update… the one that brings copy/paste to the relatively new smartphone platform. The problem is, is that not all people are receiving the update just yet. Yesterday we heard that those unlocked devices, ie, not sold from a carrier, are getting the updates right now. But, those buying through a carrier such as Orange in the UK were told they had to wait longer.

The “Where’s my phone update?” website has been launched so that users can know within 10 days or so, when the next WP7 update will be launching on their new smartphone…

We periodically release software updates that add new features to your phone or improve its performance. When an update is available, a message appears on your phone letting you know. But we understand that it’s hard to wait, and that many of you want a better sense of when to expect your update.

When visiting the new Microsoft page found here, you’ll now be able to select your location and get details of when your device will be updated. No specific dates are mentioned, but what you do see is three stages which are Testing, Scheduling and Delivering Update. The testing phase is the most unclear of the options with no indication of how long that period will last. When a network reaches the Scheduling phase, expect the update to arrive within 10 days or less. Delivering means that you should get, or have already received, a notification of the update arriving.

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