Microsoft Pushes Out First Windows Phone 7 Update

Microsoft has begun to distribute its first Windows Phone 7 update. It’s actually the second update technically, although the first was pushed out to prepare the device to get further updates.

The new update brings several new features to smartphones which includes copy and paste, faster start and resume time for apps, improved category search in the Marketplace as well as various other performance increases.

The update is numbered 7300 and began rolling out yesterday to WP7 smartphone users.

One thing to note with this update is that Microsoft is pushing it out to unbranded devices, which means those not locked to a specific network. For those on networks such as AT&T, Orange, O2 and various other networks around the world, the carriers each decide when the update will be pushed out.

The next big update is now being worked on. The update is called Mango, and will more than likely classed as Windows Phone 7.5. Twitter integration, IE9 and multi-tasking is expected to play a big part. We suspect that Nokia will be using Mango when it ships its first WP7 device late 2011.

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