iPad 3 Is the One To Look Out For

Apple is getting ready to announce the iPad 2 tomorrow. The event kicks off at 6pm GMT and what we expect to see is a thinner and lighter iPad with a few enhancements.

Cult Of Mac has been tipped off with some interesting information which indicates that the iPad 2 will be just a small update to the original iPad in that it will have a bit more RAM, run faster, be slimmer and lighter, but it will keep the same or very similar display.

The employee then when on to say that the iPad 3 is the one to make a song and dance about. What the employee didn’t say was what would be included in the iPad 3. We have heard that Apple wont introduce a Retina Display for the iPad 2, but instead, it will keep that for the iPad 3. As for an iPad 3 release date, we’d normally expect March/April 2012, but for a month or more now, rumors/leaks are suggesting we could see it later on this year.

We’ll cover the iPad 2 announcement as it happens tomorrow. Expect to hear something about an iOS 4.3 release date as well and maybe at a slight push, iOS 5 although that might be looking a little far in to the future at the moment. We also expect to hear something clarifying the rumors of MobileMe going free due to the new datacenter that Apple owns. See you tomorrow!

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