iPad Approved by FAA as Sole Charting Source

Over the last few months, a number of tests have been performed with the Apple iPad that have been successful enough that the FAA has now approved it to be used in-flight as a solo charting source.

The announcement was actually made on February 11 by press release from Jeppesen, who make the appropriate software that can replace the paper based method. “FAA authorization allows Executive Jet Management to use iPad and Jeppesen Mobile TC App as alternative to paper aeronautical charts”

The new FAA ruling (Federal Aviation Administration) means that the iPad running the software from Jeppesen is now an official alternative. Prior to this approval, the iPad could be used but it wasn’t allowed to be used as the sole charting source.

To get the app and iPad approved as a whole, the following tests were successfully run over the course of 12 weeks:

· A total of 55 pilots and 10 different aircraft types from the Executive Jet Management fleet were involved in 250 flight segments to ensure a broad scope of feedback
· Jeppesen commissioned a successful rapid decompression test on iPad to 51,000 feet in altitude
· Executive Jet Management completed successful non-interference testing on the evaluation aircraft
· The project followed established FAA EFB authorization requirements applicable to an air carrier

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