21 Android Apps Pulled from Market for Malware Problems

It seems like Google has taken notice of the bad apps that started showing up in the Android Market recently.

A total of 21 free (and popular) apps have been taken down due to them having alternate motives… ie, they had malware in them designed to take control of any Android smartphone installed on.

Although the apps were taken down quickly, there were unfortunately about 50,000 people who managed to get hold of the apps who may now be seeing problems with their device. If you are one of those who has downloaded one of the following apps then we suggest taking advice from the people who sold you the device. Although you might be able to wipe and restore it, the root could still be within and if so, you still might not be secure. On to the list of apps:

List thanks to Android Police:

* Falling Down
* Super Guitar Solo
* Super History Eraser
* Photo Editor
* Super Ringtone Maker
* Super Sex Positions
* Hot Sexy Videos
* Chess
* ????_Falldown
* Hilton Sex Sound
* Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls
* Falling Ball Dodge
* Scientific Calculator
* Dice Roller
* ????
* Advanced Currency Converter
* APP Uninstaller
* ????_PewPew
* Funny Paint
* Spider Man
* ???

The apps are based around popular games. How they work is that once installed, they are able to root your device (ie, get access to its innards) and once in there the software can send back details of your phone to the hacker at which point, they can then then download bits of data to the device for malicious intent.

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