RIM To Bring NFC To Almost All New Tablets and BlackBerrys

Stephen Bates, the MD of RIM in the UK, has said “We’re going to deploy NFC in virtually all of our devices,”. This was clarified as being virtually all BlackBerry devices as well as tablets that are launched from now onwards.

When speaking about NFC the following was also said… “creates new businesses, new markets and new revenue streams”.

NFC, or near field communications, is the same technology that can be seen in smart travel cards, such as the Oystercard in London. It is also used to make contactless payments. By integrating NFC in to smartphones, it allows the phone to essentially become an eWallet and contain card details, travel card details as well as potentially concert tickets etc… The list goes on about what it can be used for.

Google recently released Android 2.3 and then 2.3.3, both of which specialise in NFC. At the moment, the Nexus S is the only device that can use NFC on Android, but over the coming months and throughout this and the next years, expect NFC to take off and transform the way you pay for items in store.

Via: ZDNet


  1. andrew Hoffman says

    Great if I could get that on my Torch-thought I’d only get it in Pplaybook.

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