IE9 from Microsoft Looks Set to Launch March 24

For Microsoft users, you wont have to wait too much longer now as it seems that IE9 will be available for download on March 24. This is a slight delay from the March 14th that we originally thought the release date will be.

The information comes from a tweet that msdnindia sent out via Twitter, where it also announced that the launch will be held at Tech.Ed India.

The tweet has now been removed by the account holder, so either the date hasn’t been confirmed internally, or MSDN India jumped the gun a little too quickly by announcing it. What isn’t clear at the moment is if the date is for the Tech.Ed India launch party only and that in other parts of the world we might see it a little earlier. Back to the March 14 date heard before, it is believed that it will be unveiled at the South by Southwest gathering on that day.

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