NookColor Runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb

When the NookColor was launched a few months back, it showed great potential as a cheap Android tablet. This was mainly due to it being rooted. You see, it runs the Android operating system and out of the box, it boots up to the Nook app which in turn, keeps Android in the background.

After rooting it, you can boot the tablet in to Android and then launch the Nook App as and when needed to read books.

Google launched the Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK a few days ago and good news here is that someone has managed to get the new OS working on the Nook Color.

The developer behind it isn’t finished with the work just yet and made promise that when the Motorola Xoom launches that the Xoom might actually look ancient in terms of performance achieved on the Nook. That will have to wait to be seen, but it sounds great due to the low cost of the Nook and the possibility of squeezing Android 3.0 on to it.

Full details can be found on the XDA Developers link just below.

Via: XDA Developers and Android Community

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