Notion Ink Adam Tablet Gets Rooted

The guys at have managed to root the Notion Ink Adam tablet. You might recall that the Notion Ink Adam was released just a week ago.

Reasons for wanting to root the Notion Ink Adam include giving it the ability to run the official Android Market which is absent on the Adam.

Rooting the device wasn’t as hard as expected as the website who did the hack confirmed that the Adam ships with (near) root access in their words.

Full rooting instructions can be found over at the above website. When things do go wrong, ie, you brick your tablet, there is a way back with the Notion Ink Adam.

What makes Android tablets stand out a bit is the ability to customise them (once rooted). Check out the video below to see the changes made by one user. The second video shows the Android Market running.

Via: Android Police

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