Kindle eBooks Outsell Paperback Books

It appears that Amazon has managed to do what many thought would take a lot longer. The company announced on its quarterly call that since the beginning of the year for every 100 paperback books sold at Amazon, there have been 115 Kindle eBooks sold.

Last year, hard cover books were also kicked out by the Kindle in that for every 100 of them sold, Amazon was shifting 143 which is an even more impressive ratio. We now hear that this figure is about 300 to 100 in favor of the Kindle ebook.

What more than likely helped the Kindle eBook here is not just the Kindle hardware its self, which of course is one big factor, but the availability of the Kindle app on Android and iOS devices. With the boom in sales for the iPad, it has become another way to download eBooks.

Although no specifics have been given regarding Kindle hardware sales, what we do know is that the 3rd (latest generation) Kindle has been Amazons best selling product ever.

Via: Gizmodo

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