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iTwinge iPhone Keyboard Video Demonstration

iTwinge-VideoA couple of days ago we mentioned the iTwinge which is a keyboard attachment for the iPhone. We were unsure at the time of how it works such as, does it just tap the keys on the screen or does it work with software and is an actual keyboard. A video demonstration of it working is now available and it reveals that power for the keyboard is taken from the iPhone. I assume at this point that it isn’t somehow tapping the screen below as a user asks why it can’t be made transparent which the company producing it says it has technology underneath that prevent that at the moment. [Read more…]

Windows Mobile 7 Launching in 2010

windows-mobile-7Windows Mobile 6.5 (Windows Phone) is just about to launch in a few weeks time on October 6th, but already there is talk of the next version of Windows Phone which is version 7. The new version should be available sometime next year and features more Social Networks integration.

The Social Networking features of the Windows Phone will allow direct interaction between the phone and social networking so that when you load up the phone it is based at communicating with friends and keeping in contact more. Integration of news feeds will also be included which allows you to switch on the phone and see all the news and details you want right on the phone rather than having to search for them. Location based services will also play a big part which will allow the location of your friend to be shown on screen when he calls. [Read more…]

Nokia Braille Reader – SMS for Visually Impaired

nokia-braille-reader-application-lunchNokia have created a cool little app to assist those who are blind or visually impaired with reading text messages on their mobile phone.

The Nokia Braille Reader application sits in the background and when a text message is received the application automatically loads up. When a part of the screen is tapped the message is then relayed to the user through a series of vibrations. When a dot is raised the phone vibrates sharply and when the dot is not raised a less forceful vibration is felt. Each dot is played one at a time with 6 dots creating each letter. [Read more…]

Sony NWZ-B142F Walkman Review

Sony-B-Series-Walkman-MenuThe Sony NWZ-B142F is a Walkman in the B series range and measures 86mm x 23.6mm x 14.5mm making it quite small (about the size of a chunky flash drive). It has a small 3 line display screen that allows you to navigate around the features of the MP3 player as well as showing track details. The Sony B series Walkman has 2GB of memory to store your tracks on and also features an FM receiver to let you listen to the radio. It’s similar to a flash drive in that it has a USB connector kept inside a cap that pulls off the end of the device and once inserted in a USB port on a PC the device charges and allows music to be transferred to and from the PC.

Features of the B Series Walkman include a 5 band graphic equalizer, Bass Boost, Voice recording, power light, AVLS, repeat, shuffle and can play MP3 and WMA files (non-DRM). [Read more…]

Micro MP3 Player fits in your Ear

mp3-micro-sportA new MP3 player is now available called the MP3 Micro Sport. It seems to have no controls except for just 1 button and due to the small size of the device, it sits in your ear like a small bluetooth headset.

We are not entirely sure how the single button operation works. Maybe it uses a sequence of button presses to start, skip and control volume etc…

Included with the MP3 Micro Sport player is another headphone that you attach to the main unit and wrap the cable around the back of your neck to provide both ears with sound. [Read more…]

HP DreamScreen – Advanced Digital Photoframe

hp_dreamscreen_real_life_640The HP DreamScreen is more than your average digital photoframe as it also connects with Facebook, lets you listen to Pandora radio, check the weather and more. Look at it as an interactive frame rather than a dull frame that shows slides of your last vacation.

Other features on the HP DreamScreen allow it to function as an alarm clock. It connects to your home network over a wireless connection so that sites such as Snapfish and Facebook can be used. Also, the wifi connection allows the frame to have images sent to and from your laptop or PC. [Read more…]

32GB Sony MicroVault Click

Sony have unveiled the new Sony MicroVault Click that comes in several capacities which includes 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

The 32GB capacity is the physical limit, but there is also a Virtual Expander built in that provides data compression via software built in to the MicroVault. According to Sony, this allows users the possibility of tripling capacity although I suspect that’s the maximum amount and of course, the real compression would vary depending on the file type stored on the MicroVault. [Read more…]

LG WIDEBOOK Notebook Series Announced

R480 white open right sideLG have announced their new series of Notebooks called WIDEBOOK. Each of the five models have a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio that is high definition and backlit by LED. Also, each of the notebooks are powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

The LG WIDEBOOK range includes the R580/R560, R480/R460 and the R380 models and they have been designed by LG to contain powerful PC functions while looking stylish and being portable at the same time.

The LG WIDEBOOK’s come in a number of screen sizes with the R580 and R560 having a 15.6″ screen while the R480 and R460 have a smaller 14″ screen and finally the R380 has a 13.3″ screen. [Read more…]

Hercules eCAFE EC-1000W

ecafe-ec-1000wThe Hercules eCAFE EC-1000W is a new netbook that will ship with Windows 7 starter installed along with a 250GB harddrive and 50GB of online storage. As it will have Windows 7 pre-installed, it will be made available towards the end of October costing $399.

Other features on the eCAFE netbook include a 10.1″ high brightness screen running at a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. An Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and a chiclet style keyboard. [Read more…]

Origami Colander

origami_colander_comboFood needs to be clean when eating it and the normal method of cleaning food is to put it in a colander and run water through it. But, the problem with a colander is that they tend to be large and bulky and awkward to stack in your kitchen. For this reason the Origami Colander has been created. The cool kitchen gadget is capable of folding flat for easy storage and then when needed, you just fold it up to create a bowl to stick all the veggies in.

The Origami Colander is dishwasher safe and come in a hacker black colour. [Read more…]

Worlds Most Affordable 3D Scanner – The ZScanner 600

zscanner600A new 3D scanner has been unveiled by the Z Corporation company. They claim it’s the worlds most affordable 3D scanner, but at a price of $28,900 it’s still not cheap.

The camera is capable of capturing 3D data and putting that data in to a computer and has a resolution of 0.1mm with an accuracy of up to 80 microns.

The ZScanner 600 is a handheld device that you use to capture a number of shots of your subject and the data is then pieced together to create a 3D model. [Read more…]

Amazing 3D Projection Mapping on to the Side of a Mansion

3D-Animation-pac-manCheck out this amazing animation projected on to the side of a mansion somewhere in the North east of England. The projection was part of some secret festival that took place and shows a number of cool effects that have the building appearing to be exploded along with a pac-man animation thrown in for fun.

Check out the amazing video after the jump and you will be truly impressed! [Read more…]