Windows Mobile 7 Launching in 2010

windows-mobile-7Windows Mobile 6.5 (Windows Phone) is just about to launch in a few weeks time on October 6th, but already there is talk of the next version of Windows Phone which is version 7. The new version should be available sometime next year and features more Social Networks integration.

The Social Networking features of the Windows Phone will allow direct interaction between the phone and social networking so that when you load up the phone it is based at communicating with friends and keeping in contact more. Integration of news feeds will also be included which allows you to switch on the phone and see all the news and details you want right on the phone rather than having to search for them. Location based services will also play a big part which will allow the location of your friend to be shown on screen when he calls.

Microsoft are calling the new features a “Mobile Social Platform” allowing website owners to tap in to the API and create applications and features geared at users.

It sounds fantastic and if it works as good as it sounds then maybe Windows Phone could be one of the popular choices for next year. Via: MobileTechWorld, UberGizmo

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