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HTC HD2 – O2 Promotion Article Spotted

htc-hd2-o2The HTC HD2, formally known as the HTC Leo, is getting ready for it’s UK launch. The HD2 is known for having a large screen measuring 4.3 inches and it will run the Windows Phone operating system (Windows Mobile 6.5).

The printed promotional article showing the HTC HD2 was spotted in an O2 magazine and the timing of the printed article does seem to indicate that we could be looking at an October 12 launch which we mentioned before.

The new phone will feature TouchFLO 3D version 2.5 and will come preinstalled with Twitter support, Facebook support as well as other software to work around the who social networking scene. Multitouch is also said to be a feature on this phone and the usual pinch style zooming functions will be available on the phone.

The HTC HD2 has a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor inside along with 320MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM and a microSD slot to further increase storage capacity. [Read more…]

Swordfish Net 102 Dual-Processor Netbook

swordfish-net-102-netbookThe Swordfish Net 102 is a dual-processor netbook computer. Rather than having the traditional single Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, this thing has two of them.

The Swordfish netbook has a 10.2 inch screen, a 160GB hard drive and a nice 2GB of RAM. However, it only has a puny 3 cell battery to power it. Not only is the small battery used for powering the two side by side processors, it also is needed to power the built in 3G radio that allows it to connect to the internet over a mobile network. [Read more…]

Motorola Tao Pictures

TaoOver on Howard Forums some pictures of the new Motorola Tao have apparently been shown. The Motorola Tao was previously known as the Sholes and Shules and runs the Google Android OS. The phone is predicted to be a dual-band CDMA phone that is powered by a 1390mAh battery. A screen resolution of 480 x 854 pixels will be found on a screen measuring 3.7 inches.

The camera on the Motorola Tao will be 5 megapixels and input will be either by the touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. The phone is built of a metal construction making it slightly heavier than the average phone, but from what we have seen in the pics is looks fantastic.

Take a read of the thread over at Howardforums to get an idea of what’s coming up. It might take a while to read the 58 pages and counting, but there’s some interesting stuff in there mixed in with regular comments. [Read more…]

Android Powered Handheld – ODROID

AndroidHandheldODROID is an Android OS based gaming device that has a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen. The Android OS running is version 1.5.

Powering the ODROID is an 833MHz CPU and 512MB of RAM is available. The developer version is available for pre-order that comes supplied with cables needed as well as a debugging board and batteries. It costs about $320 and will ship about a month before the standard models which will be priced at $250. [Read more…]

More Microsoft Courier Details

Microsoft-CourierA new video has been launched that shows a little bit more of how you will use the Microsoft Courier when it gets launched.

The video is created by the same people who made the last MS Courier video and shows more details and a more realistic presentation on how a number of the features work. The previous video showed details on various features while the video below shows an overview of the interface and how features work. [Read more…]

10 More Apple Table Rumours

Screen Resolution ComparisoniLounge managed to stumble over 10 more Apple Tablet rumours. The information comes from a reliable source who managed to provide details of the iPod Nano 5G, iPhone 3G S as well as a Chinese iPhone 3G months ago.

The first rumour says that 3 separate prototypes have been created of the “iPad”. The first version had a 7″ screen which was said to be too small. The latest prototype has a 10.7″ screen. The iPad will run iPhone OS and reports also say it will actually look like an iPhone, but obviously larger. [Read more…]

HP Envy 13 Unboxed

envy-13-unbox-top05Engadget managed to get hold of a HP Envy 13 to see what it looks like and how it runs. The HP Envy 13 will launch on October 18th and will be supplied running the new Windows 7 operating system.

The Envy will cost $1,700 which is rather high. Hopefully engadget will find something in there to make it worth all that cash.

The first impressions are that it looks great, is built with incredible quality and is “intensely attractive”. [Read more…]

Viliv X70EX Coming to America

viliv-x70-exThe Viliv X70EX navigation system is being made available to those in the US.

The satnav device comes in 2 versions with the lower one having 16GB of memory and the higher spec navigation device having a 32GB SSD to store your media on.

On the connectivity side of things the Viliv has Wireless LAN at 802.11b/g speeds along with Bluetooth 2.0+EDR for connecting your mobile phone up to it as well as a WWAN 3G connection. [Read more…]

Light Peak Fiber Optic Technology for the PC

light_peak_FullChip_LaserOff_cropUSB 3.0 is the latest and greatest of the USB specs that is becoming available at the moment. However, Intel have some other ideas that include fibre optics for transferring data from device to device.

The new technology displayed by Intel last week at the developer forum is called Light Peak and it allows you to connect many devices to a PC with fibre optic lines. The technology might just seem like an idea for now, but Intel have managed to get endorsement from Sony and are looking to make the technology mainstream.

Intel wont be able to make this happen alone, so rather than trying it alone they are wanting to work with USB to see if they can come up with a fibre optic based USB system. [Read more…]

Dell Latitude Z 600 16″ Laptop Announced

dell_latitude_z_600_official_1Dell have released details of their latest flagship business laptop. It is named the Dell Latitude Z 600 and has a 16 inch screen that can display a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. The keyboard on the Dell Z 600 is backlit.

When buying the Dell Z 600 laptop you have the choice of 2 processors which include an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 1.4GHz (SU9400) or a 1.6GHz SU9600 processor. Memory wise you can opt to have up to 4GB installed as well as dual SSD drives for storage if wanted.

The Dell Z 600 laptop also has an optional wireless charging stand that costs around $200 for each of the stand and wireless module for the laptop. Also a wireless dock that houses a USB, DVI and other connections can be purchased. [Read more…]

Native BlackBerry Twitter App Coming Soon

native_blackberry_twitter_clientTwitter has become very popular this last year and for this reason, a number of people are using their mobile phones more to access the service so they can send tweets while on the move.

For this reason, RIM are now working on building a native Twitter client for BlackBerry devices. The new native application should include features seen on desktop applications including trending topics and groups. [Read more…]

My Documents Laptop Bag

my_documents_laptop_sleeveThe My Documents folder found on Windows PC’s is a popular place where you find a bunch of your images, videos and other types of documents… hence the name. Now the My Documents folder has been made in to a laptop bag that lets you store all of your documents, ie your laptop, in a nice handy case.

The case it’s self is bright yellow to reflect what it looks like on the desktop. The font used is pixelated to give it that computer look. The laptop bag can hold laptops with screens up to 15.4″ in size.

As well as getting the My Documents Laptop Bag you also get a pixelated cursor pin to add to the effect. It’s a kind of cool looking back although I doubt I’d ever carry one around. For those of you who could, check out more details below. [Read more…]