Worlds Most Affordable 3D Scanner – The ZScanner 600

zscanner600A new 3D scanner has been unveiled by the Z Corporation company. They claim it’s the worlds most affordable 3D scanner, but at a price of $28,900 it’s still not cheap.

The camera is capable of capturing 3D data and putting that data in to a computer and has a resolution of 0.1mm with an accuracy of up to 80 microns.

The ZScanner 600 is a handheld device that you use to capture a number of shots of your subject and the data is then pieced together to create a 3D model.

The ZScanner 600 is supplied with the ZScan Lite software that can create a .stl file as well as many other formats that 3D CAD and design packages can then import. The mesh can then be output to a 3D printer if needed.

The scanner ‘paints the object being scanned with a laser crosshair and the surface is then scanned by the binocular cameras. The software the scanner runs on generates a mesh of the surface on the computer screen in real-time. The object being scanned can be moved during the scanning process. The scanner is available to purchase now.

ZScanner 600 Features

* Applications: design; manufacturing; cultural heritage
* Sampling Speed: 18,000 measurements per second
* Laser: Class II (eye safe)
* Number of Cameras: 2
* XY Accuracy: Up to 80 microns (up to 0.003 inches)
* Resolution: 0.1 mm in Z (0.004 inches in Z)
* ISO: 50 µm + 250 µm/m
* Depth of Field: 30 cm (12 inches)
* Package Software: ZScan¢ Lite

ZScanner Specifications

* Weight: 0.98 kg (2.1 lbs)
* Dimensions:160 x 260 x 210 mm (6.2 x 10.2 x 8.2 inches)
* Exported File Formats: .DAE, .FBX, .MA, .OBJ, .PLY, .STL, .TXT, .WRL, .X3D, .X3DZ, .ZPR
* Regulatory Compliance: CE
* Data Transfer: FireWire
* Power Source: FireWire
* Laptop Compatibility: Intel®, Core¢ 2 Duo processor, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro NVS 320M graphics (256 MB dedicated video memory) required with Windows Vista® Business or Windows® XP Professional

Product Page Via: SlashGear


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