10 More Apple Table Rumours

Screen Resolution ComparisoniLounge managed to stumble over 10 more Apple Tablet rumours. The information comes from a reliable source who managed to provide details of the iPod Nano 5G, iPhone 3G S as well as a Chinese iPhone 3G months ago.

The first rumour says that 3 separate prototypes have been created of the “iPad”. The first version had a 7″ screen which was said to be too small. The latest prototype has a 10.7″ screen. The iPad will run iPhone OS and reports also say it will actually look like an iPhone, but obviously larger.

Two versions of the iPad will be launched and just like the iPhone 3G S and iPod Touch, 1 will have 3G connectivity and the other will not. Screen resolution will be bumped up as can be expected due to the larger screen (see example image above).

The iPad according to these rumours will be announced on Jan 19 2010 or perhaps before and it will go on sale sometime in the middle of next year.

Interesting stuff and hopefully we will hear something official by the date mentioned above to finally answer all the rumours that are floating around. Via: iLounge

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