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Hasselblad H4D 60 Megapixel Camera Launching

hasselblad-h4d-lg1Hasselblad are launching their latest camera named the H4D. The H4D is a 60 megapixel camera that uses a true off-centre autofocus system…

…known as True Focus. Where even DSLRs often have to first focus and then reposition the camera to get focus significantly away from the center, the H4D has a yaw rate sensor that can detect the horizontal and vertical movement away from the focus point and refocus the lens to compensate.

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Augmented Reality brings Google Earth to Life

Google-Earth-Augmented-RealityAlthough Google Earth is a fantastic program allowing you to quickly zoom in and out of most of the earth with an excellent amount of detail, what it still lacks is life as everything you look at is static.

A new system being tested brings real time events to Google Earth to make an augmented reality. Examples of this working could be zooming in to a road to see cars driving and pedestrians walking. The data used to generate this information actually captures the current live traffic and current locations of pedestrians to let you know how busy a certain area is. Another example allows you to zoom in to a football stadium and actually see a clip from several angles of people playing football. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 7D HD Video Test

canon_eos7d_test_rigA few weeks ago we mentioned the Canon EOS 7D was launching soon. A video has arrived on the net showing exactly what sort of 1080p quality you can expect from this camera. The video’s were captured by Dan Chung and filmed in low light using a 1600 to 6400 ISO setting.

Also, another test rig can also be viewed showing Matt Jaspers Canon EOS 7D setup. Check out the images after the jump as well as the 1080p HD video test, both look superb. [Read more…]

Haynes – The Video Gaming Manual Review

Haynes-The-Video-Gaming-Manual-Commodore-Amiga-500Haynes recently sent me their latest manual for review. When people think of Haynes in the UK, it’s normally car manuals that come to mind. In this case we are actually reviewing “The Video Gaming Manual” which is described as the essential guide to modern and retro gaming platforms.

On the cover of the manual are a bunch of old computers and consoles ranging from a ZX Spectrum, to a Sega Master System, on to a Game Cube and then to a Playstation 3. The book starts off describing what video gaming is, when it first started and the steps it took to get to where it is today. Each page is printed in full colour and each page also has plenty of images from various games with many of them being very familiar and popular games of the past. [Read more…]

iPhone on Orange Coming Soon – O2 Loose Exclusivity

o2-uk-lose-iphone-exclusivityOrange have just signed a deal with Apple that will now let them sell the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. Orange will be selling them in the UK before Christmas.

This is a great move as a number of people haven’t been too pleased with how O2 handle customer service. Also there have been a few network issues where coverage is concerned and people say they haven’t been able to get the best coverage on the O2 network. Hopefully Orange’s network will prove to be better on that front. [Read more…]

iPhone MMS Now Available

iphone-mmsIt’s kind of strange announcing that one of the latest and greatest phones now has a feature that a number of phones have had since about 2003, but anyway, the iPhone 3G S finally has MMS and is is officially live and functioning.

To get this “fancy new feature” on your iPhone you need to connect your phone up to iTunes and run a quick update that takes just a few seconds. After that a reboot is needed and you are good to go. The application seems fairly straight forwards to use in that you simply just select an image to send via MMS and you are good to go. [Read more…]

An Implant Microchip Could help Restore Vision

mit-retinal-implantResearchers at MIT are currently working on a retinal implant that can bypass damaged cells and send visual input to the brain to help restore vision.

Those who use the implant will need to wear a pair of glasses which have a built in camera embedded in them. The signal from the camera will then be sent to the microchip embedded in the eye which will then forward that visual signal on to the brain.

Although vision won’t be 100% fixed with the implant the camera and chip combination will help those to navigate around a room for example. [Read more…]

iPhone Notepad – The Notepod

notepod-iphone-notepadIf pen and paper is your preferred method of making notes, but you still love the thought of owning an iPhone then perhaps the Notepod notepad is for you.

The Notepod is shaped just like an iPhone and has the exact same dimensions as the iPhone 3G S. Each page is designed to look like the front of an iPhone.

The Notepods come in packs of 3 and cost $17.95 for the set. [Read more…]

Google Android Modder gets hit with a Cease & Desist

cyanogenA popular modder who created Cyanogen, the modded Android ROM, has been recently hit with a cease and desist from Google telling him to not distribute closed-source applications. This includes Gmail, Maps and Youtube that are often part of his roms.

Cyanogen is a ROM that runs on phones like the G1 which is already designed to run those applications, so it seems a little odd that Google are trying to prevent it. One other problem is that Android Market is supposedly closed source too, so even if the ROM was installed then you might struggle to actually get to download the applications. Maybe google and Cyanogen can work something out together. [Read more…]

Sega Genesis Handheld – 20 Built in Games have a cool Sega Genesis available that has 20 pre-loaded games built in. It allows you to play classics from the 90’s with games such as Sonic, Ecco, Golden Axe to name a few.

The Genesis has a 2.4″ screen as well as the directional pad to the left and A, B, C buttons to the right of the screen. It’s not the most attractive design, but considering it is home to some of the greatest games I can live with that. [Read more…]

iPhone Bionic Eye Augmented Reality Application

bionic_eyThe iPhone 3G S has got a new application being made available that uses augmented reality. It is called Bionic Eye and uses AR to overlay information on to a real-time camera view. Local information of the surrounding area is displayed from a POI database and it lets you see where your nearest restaurant is for example.

Other POI (points of interest) could include wi-fi hotspots, trainstations, hotels and many other categories. The current database has over 100,000 entries in there which covers various US cities along with the UK, France and Tokyo making it quite a cool application if you happen to live in one of those areas. [Read more…]

LG Viewty Smart GC900 Review

LG-Viewty-SmartThe LG Viewty Smart GC900 is an upgrade from the popular LG Viewty launched back in 2007. The latter version was launched a few months ago in June. We decided it was time to take a look at the LG Viewty Smart and review it to see how it compares to the latest phones from LG.

The Viewty Smart is a big upgrade to the original Viewty. It uses the S-Class 3D interface that we first saw on the LG Arena, has an 8 megapixel camera, A-GPS, 1.5GB of memory, WiFi and HSDPA. Looks wise, the LG Viewty Smart looks more similar to the Arena in design rather than the original Viewty. That’s understandable though considering the original Viewty is around 2 years old now. [Read more…]