Native BlackBerry Twitter App Coming Soon

native_blackberry_twitter_clientTwitter has become very popular this last year and for this reason, a number of people are using their mobile phones more to access the service so they can send tweets while on the move.

For this reason, RIM are now working on building a native Twitter client for BlackBerry devices. The new native application should include features seen on desktop applications including trending topics and groups.

When the application is launched I would expect it to do very well. Other 3rd party applications might survive as they already are installed by a lot of users, but as the native application will soon be on devices it seems like those who upgrade phone probably wont bother with re downloading a 3rd party app. For developers that could mean you either launch your Twitter app asap, forget it or create something unique about it that the native application wont have.

Via: Rimarkable and CrackBerry

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