Dell Latitude Z 600 16″ Laptop Announced

dell_latitude_z_600_official_1Dell have released details of their latest flagship business laptop. It is named the Dell Latitude Z 600 and has a 16 inch screen that can display a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. The keyboard on the Dell Z 600 is backlit.

When buying the Dell Z 600 laptop you have the choice of 2 processors which include an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 1.4GHz (SU9400) or a 1.6GHz SU9600 processor. Memory wise you can opt to have up to 4GB installed as well as dual SSD drives for storage if wanted.

The Dell Z 600 laptop also has an optional wireless charging stand that costs around $200 for each of the stand and wireless module for the laptop. Also a wireless dock that houses a USB, DVI and other connections can be purchased.

Other features on the Dell Latitude Z 600 include a 2 megapixel webcam that has autofocus. The camera can be used for security features such as facial recognition for logging in as well as scanning business cards and other documents for entry in to Outlook. Also PDF software is included that can convert photographed documents in to PDF files. Down the side of the laptop keyboard is a touch-strip that allows you to select various menus by programming shortcuts. The system is referred to by Dell as “EdgeTouch”.

Connectivity wise it has the usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and integrated 3G. A 4 hour battery life is achieved with the standard 4 cell battery while the 8 cell pack can see the laptop doubled to 8 hours.

An interesting feature of the Latitude Z 600 is the Latitude ON system that loads up a secondary operating system that is Linux based. This is a completely separate operating system that still allows you to access basics on your laptop like contacts, emails etc…

The lowest spec model will cost $1,999 when launched and it is available from today although wireless charging wont be available for another month.

Dell Via: SlashGear

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