HP Envy 13 Unboxed

envy-13-unbox-top05Engadget managed to get hold of a HP Envy 13 to see what it looks like and how it runs. The HP Envy 13 will launch on October 18th and will be supplied running the new Windows 7 operating system.

The Envy will cost $1,700 which is rather high. Hopefully engadget will find something in there to make it worth all that cash.

The first impressions are that it looks great, is built with incredible quality and is “intensely attractive”.

The screen is excellent on the Envy 13 and shows vibrant colours behind the glossy screen covering. They did mention problems with the trackpad being miscalibrated (severely), but maybe a software fix will update that before the official launch next month. The keyboard was said to be of a slightly cheaper quality although not the cheapest, but not the best either. Boot time is very quick if using the Instant-On provided which uses Linux to boot to a more basic operating system for when you just need to browse and send emails.

The HP Envy 13 has a Core 2 Duo processor inside which makes it a little thicker than the thin and light laptops we have been seeing recently. However, the processor is very powerful making the laptop run very smoothly.

Overall, quite impressive stuff. Check out the full unboxing, pictures and details over at Engadget.

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