Kohjinsha SK3 – Touchscreen Netbook

The SK3 is a new touchscreen netbook (tablet) from Kohjinsha that features a 7″ screen. It is an upgrade from a previous model. Included in the new release is a new battery and camera.

The screen is a couple of inches smaller then the ASUS Eee T91 which we mentioned last week and folds flat to be used as a tablet. The touchscreen is a resistive and inside the SK3 is 1.3GHz processor.

Wi-fi 801.11n is built in allowing for decent and fast connectivity. It is unclear at the moment if storage will be offered as SSD or HD. With the processor it runs it should be capable of running Vista sufficiently.

An official announcement of the Kohjinsha SK3 with full specs should be available this week which may also include pricing. As soon as we receive the details we’ll let you know.


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    The pivoting screen is very slick, indeed. A 1.3 GhZ is sorta weak to run Vista though, IMHO.

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