Greenbox Wastes No Electricity – Well Some

The GreenBox is a home-made project that allows you to waste no energy at all when charging your mobile phone. It’s designed to look old fashioned on the outside but inside the box is some basic stuff which automatically disconnects power to the phone once the lid of the case is shut down.

“As a design exercise, I have built a phone charging station that makes unplugging very easy and instinctive (with affordance playing a big role). So easy you don’t even notice it unplugs automagically. The design is made from cheap and available materials, and was a great fun to build on a rainy day.”

The creator describes it working as a fridge light which when the door is shut, the light goes off. A switch in the lid of the box only allows the phone to charge when it is lifted up. When closed down it opens the circuit and power to the charger is cut.

How it was built

* I placed the charger inside the box. To charge the phone, just open the box to reveal the charge plug, and attach it to the phone. Then leave the phone in the box until charged.
* When charge is complete, unplug the phone and close the box to get it off the mains. To make action more instinctive, greenbox lid opens on top and it’s hinged – actually you can’t forget it open.


Via: Hacked Gadgets

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