Red Ring of Death Coasters

red-ring-of-death-coastersThe RRoD (Red Ring of Death) is one thing that all XBox 360 owners fear will happen to their beloved console one day. When the red ring starts to flash you know your in trouble.

The RRoD can happen happen for a number of reasons which we wont go in to here as the RRoD we are talking about today is actually a coaster for putting drinks on.

The Red Ring of Death Coasters were designed for XBox owners to always remember what the RRoD is and how upsetting it can be 🙂

The RRoD coasters come in a set of 4 although they seem fan made and not available to purchase. A flickr user mentions that someone named Pierre built them for him.


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    Hey, an invention designed after a fatal flaw in a $300 console that meant you were SOL in some cases? Who wouldn’t buy those?

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