Banclock – Pay your Alarm clock to Shut Up

It’s been a while since we mentioned a funky alarm clock, so today we reveal the Banclock. Banclock is an alarm clock in which you have to pay to get it to switch off in the morning.

It has a slot in the top which accepts your coins. Only when a coin is inserted will it actually switch the alarm off. The Banclock serves 2 purposes. The first is to get you out of bed in the morning and the second is to get you to save some cash each morning.

The Banclock comes with a bright red digital display to clearly display the time, alarm settings and date. Control buttons can be found on the right side of the device which allow you to control the functions of the alarm clock. Several colours of the alarm clock are available which are bright blue, fiery red, placid white and exciting yellow.

The clock is powered by 3 AA batteries and costs $53.03.

Product Page Via: Walyou


  1. Screen Sleuth says

    Interesting concept. If it weren’t ugly and $50+, i’d be all over it.

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