Ever Win EWP1000 Projector

The Ever Win EWP1000 is a pico sized projector that is about to be released. With it being classed as a Pico projector, this means it can fit in the palm of your hand.

It is one of the smallest fully functional projectors on the market and is capable of throwing up a 50 inch screen from it’s tiny body. Connectivity wise it has a standard VGA output or can us AV cables.

Ever Win EWP1000 Projector Features

* Power Efficient Optical Engine By 3M
* Image Projection up to a 50³ diagonal
* On-unit volume control
* Connects to playback devices via standard VGA or A/V cables
* 80 minutes of battery life on a single charge
* VGA (640 x 480) resolution

No details just yet on pricing or availability but they do tend to be in the 200 – 400 pound price range here in the UK.

Via: GeekyGadgets and Coated

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