Archives for April 2009

Worms for iPhone Coming Soon

worms-iphoneWorms was one of those classic games from the 90’s that a lot of people owned. This amazingly fun game is now on it’s way to the iPhone according to a few sources. [Read more…]

Rubiks Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers

These set of salt and pepper shakers are built in the shape of a Rubiks cube. I think they look great and would be a talking point on any dinner table. [Read more…]

Lime Green Nintendo DS Launched

Nintendo are about to launch a new DS bundle. This time they are changing the colour to Lime Green. [Read more…]

Redrock DSLR Camera Rig

If you have purchased an expensive DSLR that is capable of recording HD movies you might want to check out this gadget. Redrock have created a camera rig for DSLR cameras that allows you to capture decent HD movies by eliminating camera shake due to it being easier to hold. [Read more…]

Wooden iPhone 3G Case

wooden_iphone_caseEtsy is a store of weird and wonderful stuff. The next item I came across on Etsy is this wooden iPhone case built particularly for the 3G version of the phone. [Read more…]

Original Nintendo Wii Remote

Ever wondered what Nintendo envisioned the Wii Remote to look like when the Wii was being designed a few years ago? Me neither, but it’s still interesting to dig up patents to see what it could have looked like. [Read more…]

Brand New Sega Dreamcast for Sale – Huh?

If you never got the chance to buy a Dreamcast 10 years ago when they were first launched then for a limited time you might be able to get your hands on one from the guys over at ThinkGeek. [Read more…]

Viliv S5 Premium

The Viliv S5 Premium is a MID/UMPC which will be released this year. It runs an Atom based processor and also has 60GB of storage. The screen measures 4.8 inches and is a haptic touchscreen with a nice resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. [Read more…]

LEGO Rock Band Game Coming Soon

LEGO Rock Band is making it’s way to consoles soon. The fantastic game will be decked out entirely with mini LEGO musicians along with their brick built instruments. [Read more…]

MSI Android Netbook to be Announced

A new netbook build by MSI is about to be demonstrated at Computex this year. The event will be used to sell the Android Wind reference design. [Read more…]

Titanium Star Trek Spork

The Star Trek Spork is something that every trekky should own. As thinkgeek put it “When you walk onto the Enterprise to report for duty, you are handed a number of things: your room assignment, your phaser, your communicator, and your titanium spork. We kid you not.” [Read more…]

Sega Megadrive / Genesis 2 Player Console

For those who grew up in the era of 16-bit console games back in the early 90’s then this gadget will be on your wish list. It is a Sega Megadrive that comes supplied with 2 controllers and 15 games built in. [Read more…]