Sega Storm-G Arcade Attraction

storm_gSega have launched Storm-G which is a Wipeout style game but without the missiles and such. You are put in the ride and navigate down a futuristic bob-sleigh track.

The game is quite simple in that you need to get from start to finish without crashing. When you go around corners the whole ride rotates around an axis which when you go through tunnels you even find yourself upside down at points. Unfortunately only 2 courses are available at the moment which will hopefully be increased at a later date.

I had quite a laugh playing with Storm-G, but you may not spend days playing with it simply due to its lack of courses available (only 2), and also because this game is quite tiresome, after just 3 races (Hard Level) I was exhausted¦

If you want to play the game now then head on over to Joypolis in Odaiba. If you don’t want to go there which we assume most wont then check out the video below of it in action.

Via: Akihabaranews


  1. ok, that was cool

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