GeoBulb LED Light Bulb – Costs $120

led-light-bulbThe GeoBulb is one mightily expensive LED lightbulb that costs $120… just for 1 bulb. It runs at 7.5 watts which is the equivalent of a 60 watt regular incandescent bulb.

There is a problem though. Obviously the cost is one problem. To furnish my house with these I would need about 19 of them which would cost $2280. The light from these is good for 30000 hours (so maybe just short of 10 years). Yes, they are efficient in energy usage but consider that a $3 bulb that was recently launched is capable of 100,000 hours (about 30 years) you quickly see how expensive these GeoBulbs are.

But, if you like the look of them and have a couple of $K to burn then you can

Via: CrunchGear

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