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LG 15-Inch OLED TV Coming Soon

LG-15-inch-OLEDLG are launching their new 15-inch AM OLED TV over in Korea in November. We should see it arrive over here sometime in 2010. The thin LG TV uses active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AM-OLED) to function. This material provides better picture quality, uses less power than traditional LCD TV’s and are a lot thinner due to no backlight being needed for it to run.

Due to high prices we haven’t seen much appart from the Sony XEL-1 that still costs $2500 even though it has been out for over a year. If more manufactures make use of the AMOLED materials it should lower the cost. [Read more…]

New Range of LG LCD TVs Launched

slimline-scarletLast night I attended an event for LG where three new LCD TV’s were on show. The three TV’s included the LG4000 series, LG6100 series and LG7000 series. The showcase TV of the night was the slimline Scarlet (LG6100) as it claims to be the thinnest LCD TV in the world. I have to admit that all three of the TV’s on show had something great about them. [Read more…]