HTC Magic Android Phone Hands-on

vodafone_htc_magic_officialAndroid community managed to get some hands-on time with the HTC Magic. The HTC Magic has the Qualcomm MSM7201a chipset that runs at 528MHz.

The HTC Magic is a quadband GSM/GPS/EDGE phone as well as being dualband HSPA/WCDMA at 900 and 2100MHz. This allows a maximum download speed of 7.2Mbps and uploads of up to 2Mbps depending on signal strength and the type of network you are currently connected to. Wi-fi can be found int he phone too running at both b and g speeds. Bluetooth 2.0 with enhanced data rate is also to be found.

As can be seen, it’s a fully capable phone that also has GPS for navigation and location based services which are becoming more popular. A trackball is also found on this unit. The phone is based on Android and comes with a number of apps pre-installed. 512MB of ROM is to be found with 192MB RAM. We assume MicroSD or similar will be available to boost the RAM up a notch in to the GB range.

The HTC Magic has a new on-screen keyboard which can be used to input data. This is new for this as the G1 had a physical keyboard to use. However, the virtual keyboard only functions in portrait mode.

Android Community have the pics and videos so go check the full hands on over there.

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