LG910 Touch Watch Phone on Orange

lg910-touch-watch-phoneOrange have announced that they will be the first operator in Europe who will offer the LG910 Touch Watch Phone.

The LG910 Touch Watch Phone is a watch you wear on your wrist. The LG910 comes with a bluetooth headset allowing you to pair your ear piece to your watch and make/receive calls. The watch has a full touch screen interface and supports 3G networks (HSDPA) as well as video calling capabilities.

There have been various mobile phone watches hit the market over the last year, but for some reason they do not take off as well as could be expected. However, with LG behind this watch I do believe it will have more of an impact.

Press release details will be made available later today on the Orange site.


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  2. Dear Sir

    Please advise where to buy the charger for LG910 in HK. Is there any retail shop in Central, HK? How much is the charger?

    Await for your prompt reply.


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