LG Arena GUI Video

lg-arena-guiLG have uploaded a cool video to Youtube showing the new UI that will debut on the LG Arena. The LG Arena is LG’s flagship mobile phone for 2009 and one that looks absolutely incredible.

The 3D Touch-menus allow quicker scrolling to the program you want to find. The main menu is based like a cube in which you use gestures to rotate the cube to get to the programs you need. As well as using a cube system the LG Arena uses a Reel Scrolling menu too which is similar to film reels. You simply flick them up or down to scroll through the various programs. The video shows all the menus to be highly responsive, so hopefully this will be the case when the actual phone is launched.

Check out the video of the menu system below.


  1. The 3D rotating cube reminds me somewhat of Linux Beryl. As long as the UI is fast I think it’ll be a great system. Looking forward to this phone.

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