Macbook Air dropping $500

macbook_airThe super slim laptop named the Macbook Air is about to have it’s cost super slimmed down too… by a whole $500 USD. That’s not a bad saving on the fairly expensive Air.

The Macbook Air built and sold by Apple has dropped from the hefty price tag of $3098 down to $2598 which is still a hefty price tag, but still is a massive saving. The price cuts come because of a slash in price of two of the expensive components which are the upgraded Intel Core 2 Duo processor which dropped from $200 to $100 and the flash memory upgrade which was adding $999 to the cost. That flash memory upgrade costs now $599 which is the final $400 saving.

No doubt, prices will continue to drop over the coming months as it becomes cheaper to buy parts and as new laptops with more powerful processing power come available. With a nice $500 drop for the top spec I don’t expect to see savings to that scale for a while though.

Via: SlipperyBrick


  1. Macwizzard says

    Its about time they dropped the price on this, it is still pretty expensive, but very thin so its worth it.

  2. Keron Calame says

    The price may have dropped by $500 but i still ain’t gonna get none. 🙁

  3. Same here Keron! I’d love to own one but just do not want to fork out the prices they want. Being based in England it tends to be even more expensive too. $500 cheaper is still a nice amount though!

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