If you Cannot afford an iPhone – Knit it!

handknit_iphoneIf the price drop on the new iPhone 3G is still not good enough for you and you find your self falling short of the very cheap price of it then an alternative (to make you still feel cool) is to have your mother knit you an iPhone.

The Knitted iPhone was actually created to prevent children from breaking their parents iPhone(s) by drooling on them and throwing them around. If your baby child wants to have a play with your phone all the time then make them one of these. Sure, it wont make calls, it doesn’t have a multi-touch screen (it does have a multi-coloured front if that counts), it doesn’t have a camera built in… in fact it doesn’t have anything and it only resembles (in some weird way) the shape and general colour scheme of the iPhone.

The knitted iPhone is made with #6 needles, has 6 stitches per inch…. crikey, I think I will stick to tech things only. If you wand to read up on all the details on how to knit your own then check out Daddytypes.

Via: CraftZine

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