tardis-shedOver on Techdigest I came across an interesting post about sheds. Now sheds are not the most gadgety of items that people own… most just store lawn mowers and tools in them. Over on a site named Readers Sheds they like to push the boundaries that little bit further. One of the best sheds I came across was the TARDIS shed (from Dr. Who) which there happens to be a plethora of them dotted around the UK.

All the TARDIS shed needs now is the ability to be larger on the inside then it is on the outside. If you love sheds then check out a vast variety of them over here.

If you are wondering why you are reading about sheds on Gadget Venue, then I agree, it’s not the best thing I could think of to write, but yet with it being a TARDIS the whole field changes 🙂

Via: TechDigest


  1. Chris at LG says

    That is several kinds of awesome and well worthy of a post. I hope the owner doesn’t get too much mickey-taking from the public though – or even people trying to steal it… I remember there was a spate of Daleks getting stolen a few years ago…

  2. This is amazing, I wonder if the wife will let me have one.

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