NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller

When overclocking a PC, heat is the biggest problem you will face. Your task is to get rid of the heat as quick as possible which then allows your PC to run at a higher speed and not crash (or blow up). To help with keeping things cool inside, NZXT have created the Sentry LX fan controller.

The NZXT Sentry LX fan controller attaches to the fans in your computer, and lets you take full control of 5 fans while taking temperature measurements from the 5 probes also supplied. The device takes up two 5.25 inch drive bays, but you have to admit, it does look super cool! The system can be programmed to automatically speed up fans in your PC should a temperature increase be detected, while on the other side, it will lower it should the PC be running at optimal temperature. Of course, you can also manually adjust the controls to suit your needs.

The great thing about the Sentry LX fan controller is that it costs just $59.99 which considering what you get, is an absolute bargain.

Via: TechChee and SlashGear

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