Motorcycle Air Bag

If you have a fear of crashing on your motor bike then this air bag jacket could fix that fear. It is called Hit Air jacket and attaches to your motorbike with a tether. If you happen to fly off your bike the jacket will inflate to protect your neck, chest, back, ribs and hips from getting any serious injury. It costs $410 and is available from a company named Hit-Air.

Now, the main problem I see is this tether thing… what’s to stop someone yanking it while you are in an elevator causing you to be stuck there 🙂 Could be quite cool and entertaining to see that.

Seriously though, for those who are worried about accidents then the $410 it costs could save your life should the worst happen.

Product Page Via: DailyImpressions


  1. Daily Tech Impressions says

    That would be funny! never thought about that, someone inflating it on you.

  2. It would be interesting to see how large it goes when inflated. I guess it will be a 1 time use as it would get quite messed up when the rider hits the floor.

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