$5000 to anyone who can fix HTC Tytn II Problems

Currently the good people over at XDA developers are offering $5199.51 to anyone who can create some drivers to fix a problem with the HTC TYTN II (Or Tilt, Vario etc..). The reason they are offering this amount is due to HTC confirming they will not be fixing the slow speeds on the Tytn II.

Our Kaisers currently lack drivers for hardware accelerated display functionality. A full set of these drivers would significantly speed up ALL drawing operations, including the user interfaces of normal applications, video playback, games and 3D rendering.

There are different parts to these drivers, namely for 2D (user interfaces, video, images) and 3D graphics (games). It is not yet sure even IF these drivers will be available soon, and if they are, which parts will be accelerated.

The plan, of course, is to provide a full set. Though this will most likely not include a speed up for the camera.

If you are an owner of a HTC Tytn II then go take a read of what’s happening over at XDA Developers.

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