MobGAS – Mobile Alerts of your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Green issues are becoming more mentioned in society these days due to the effects on the climate and the waste that we all throw out. MobGAS is an application that will help people become more aware in Europe and the rest of the World. The software makes a connection with daily activities and can make suggestions on how to lower those emissions. When running the software you will find more then 60 appliances which are used daily. What you need to do is then log what you do each day. The mobGAS software then calculates what you could cut out or cut down on and gives you a full report on how much greenhouse damage you are causing.

By bringing this software to a mobile phone it has the potential to reach a HUGE audience. Most people carry around a phone, and having this little reminder running in the background could be a nice way of getting everyone to do their part.

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