Dattoos – Concept DNA Based Technology

The Dattoo is a DNA based personal technology that uses the skin of your body as an interface. Yep, it’s concept and one I don’t see coming out any time soon. It is designed by Hartmut Esslinger

To achieve absolute personal identification, the hardware would capture DNA from the user’s body, enabling direct participation in the political and cultural landscape. The technology would link remote users through engagement with their areas of interest…

Users view, test-drive, and select their product from a variety of options, both functional and aesthetic. They also set the life cycle of the product, to be utilized for a few hours or a much longer amount of time. Once users are satisfied with their specific configurations, they have this fully-functioning circuitry – including all UI-interactive and display functions – ‘printedĀ onto recommended areas of their skin. Energy would be pulled from the human body to run the programs. At the end of the day, users would simply wash the Dattoos off, beginning anew the following day.

The idea does seem a little crazy, but I guess it could have it’s uses such as quickly accessing information that you know you will definitely have attached to you (literally). Also IBM a few years back tested using living skin to transmit data across. This could mean you transfer music from a camera in your left hand to the PC you are touching with your right hand. I’d prefer to stick to BlueTooth.

It all sounds too freaky to me and I’d be scared to see a BSOD on my arm.

Via: Technovelgy

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