Radialstrahler Speakers

Radialstrahler Speakers
The Radialstrahler Speakers from MBL are a huge $180,000 to purchase. Named the 101 “X-treme” they create a unique 3D sound to match up with what you would hear in a concert hall. To do this, sound waves are radiated in all directions rather then the more conventional one direction. The system takes about 1 month to build and will be launched at CES in January 2008. The platform is made of carbon fiber, aluminium, steel, acrylic and wood. In total the setup weighs a massive 3600 pounds.

Product Page (PDF) Via: Audio Junkies


  1. Amazing! For the Audiophile with some deep pockets this seems like a really attractive proposition. I would really like to see the tech specs on these, because if they sound as good as they look, I’ll have to sell off a kidney!

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