Could a Kinetic Cell Phone Battery arrive soon?

Kinetic Phone Battery
A company named M2E power specialises in kinetic energy for army type products. By using movement, a battery can be charged and provide longer amounts of power. For day to day users this would mean your cell phone battery could last 5 – 7 times longer on a single charge. Where there is movement there is a slight increase in charge. Repeat this movement over and over and your battery can power your device for longer. For the army, this converts in to carrying less equipment around as they often carry many batteries around to keep communications equipment active.

The material that is needed to create the batteries is nothing new and unique. It is readily available and costs a little more then a regular battery. However, the battery is also lighter then the average battery.

If these types of batteries hit main stream then I believe they will do well. The power sucking 3G phones with all video and always on 3G connections would be a perfect fit for kinetic energy to get them charged up to a decent level. In the future we could be charging our phones weekly rather then daily.

Product Page Via: TechLivez


  1. is it here yet the kinatic phone? is there a patient on it ?? can someone get back to me

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