Steampunk USB Flash Drive

steampunk-USB-driveHere we have another steampunk USB flash drive that was created by a Russian modder from Modnews.

It was created by collecting a number of cogs, screws and a brass pipe. If you fancy making your own flash drive that looks similar then full instructions are available over at English Russia. [Read more…]

USB Squid 1GB Flash Drive

USB-SquidThis USB drive is another unique one from the one and only Etsy. It’s shaped like a squid, hence it’s called the USB Squid. It comes in different shapes and sizes as well as various colours.

The USB squid costs $40 with which you get a 1GB flash drive. Larger flash drives are available on request which will also alter the overall price. [Read more…]

Command Flash Enter Key USB Drive

Command-Flash-Enter-KeyThe Command Flash Enter Key is a USB flash drive that has a 2GB capacity. As the name suggests, the 2GB of storage and USB connector are embedded in to a re-used Enter key from a keyboard.

The Command Flash Enter Key can also be customised to give you more storage if needed. The creator over on Etsy just asks you to contact him prior to ordering to sort out pricing. [Read more…]

R2-Q5 for those who Want something Different

Star-Wars-R2-Q5-USB-HubR2-D2 is always one of the droids you think of when you see Star Wars. The R2-Q5 USB Hub was designed for those who want something different though.

R2-Q5 was a droid that only appears in Return of the Jedi along with a couple of Lego Star Wars games. The only real difference with this droid is that it’s painted black with red accents and simply just looks different to the usual R2 hub that you see occasionally on someone’s desk. [Read more…]

Star Trek USB Voip Handset

Here we have some cool retro style Star Trek communicators that actually work as USB VOIP phones. They are named the Star Trek USB Communicators and come with built-in earphones, microphones, speakers with 21 sound effects (we assume trekky type effects) and have 6 foot long USB cables to allow you to attach them to your computer. [Read more…]

Zelda Map – Remade in Stitches

zelda-map-stitch-artThis Zelda map looks incredible. It is a copy of the map found on Zelda back from years ago on the NES and SNES consoles. [Read more…]

Zink Digital Camera and Printer

zinktomycameraYou don’t see too many Polaroid Instant Camera’s around these days as most people have switched to digital cameras. Yet, some people still want to get pictures printed instantly. Zink have made a digital camera that is also capable of printing small pictures from it’s insides. [Read more…]

USB 3 in 1 MultiFunctional Speaker

usb-speakerIf you are after a cheap USB speaker then head on over to GizFever. This speaker is a USB 3 in 1 MultiFunctional Speaker which acts as a loudspeaker, four port USB hub and an Alarm Clock. [Read more…]

Snowflake USB Drive

snowflake-usbNext in line for USB gadgets is the USB Snowflake Flashdrive. The snowflake was designed based on the “beauty of nature”. Built from laser sintered nylon it measures 60 x 20 x 10 mm and can store 4GB of data on it. [Read more…]


ufo-hubThis USB hub was inspired by a UFO. It is USB 2.0 compliant and has 4 ports allowing you to connect up to 4 USB devices up together. [Read more…]

Sawed-Off USB Flash Drive

The Sawed-Off USB flash drive is a great looking custom built and hacked together device. It was built over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and uses a 1 GB Kingmax USB drive along with a bit of silicone and an old USB cable. [Read more…]

USB Memory Bomb

usb_memory_bombThe USB Memory Bomb isn’t the most convenient of shapes and might not fit too well in your wallet or pocket, but it certain to get a few people looking at it on your desk.

The Memory Bomb is designed by Joel Escalona from Mexico City and looks quite menacing in a cartoon type of way. Currently it is just a prototype and will probably feature a way to put your flash drive inside it or have the possibility to squeeze a hard drive in there.

If the price is right I can see my desk having one of these placed on it.

Via: Technabob