USB Flash Drive Recycling

USB Flash Drive
If you have an old unused flash drive (at least 16Mb) then do not chuck it away. Although it may be of no use to you any more there are thousands of people who could benefit from this old flash drive. Inveneo are collecting these to hand out to developing countries to help students and aid workers to share information a lot quicker.

More details of this great scheme can be found at Inveneos website.

Via: Engadget

USB Bowling Ball

USB Bowling Ball
Loosing a USB flash drive can be seriously annoying and dangerous if you have sensative information on there. Well… this new bowling ball USB drive will not have a chance of being lost because it’s a full sized bowling ball and weighs 16lbs. Unfortunatly it now takes it out of the ultra portable and also out of the carry it around on a regular basis type thing. Still all good though.

The bowling ball is not available to buy as it was custom made by someone who didnt want to loose another USB flash drive.

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Zune Menu Video

SlashGear managed to create a video of the Zune’s menu system which covers all the options. The Zune is looking very good!

Via: SlashGear

Zune vs iPod

Zune vs iPod
Above we can see a size comparison of the Zune vs the iPod. The Zune has some nice specs with it’s built in wifi and nice screen. Size wise, it’s still larger then an iPod. Overall the iPod is the smaller of the 2. Several models are compared in size and the width of the Zune is the only dim that compares.

However, all is not lost. The Zune is the 1st model. The iPod has taken a few generations of it’s iPod to slim it down. No doubt the Zune will shrink down a lot more when the next model comes out.

Via: Gizmodo

USB Rechargable Battery

Moxia have come up with a genius idea of making a battery that can be charged via USB. The batter is an actual AA battery with the top part which flips open to reveal the USB connector. Just plug the USBCell in to your PC/Laptop and it will charge. They cost around £12.99 for a pair which is not bad considering you do not need to carry around a battery charger.


The down side of the batteries are that they are not as powerful as rechargeables which are already lower then regular AA batteries. Still, I think this is a good idea and very handy to have a couple of these around in emergencies.

Available in the UK for 12.95 at FireBox

USB Roll Up Piano

Recently I have been seeing more and more USB devices such as Christmas trees, fans and now there is the USB Roll Up Piano. Who knows if this is new or not? It’s new to me, so I will report it still. The older roll up piano has been out a year or so now. The newer version is a smaller USB version which connects direct in to your PC.

The piano can be found on the Argos website and sells for £24.99.

Via: Argos

USB Paper Shredder

The USB paper shredder is quite small and handy for those tasks that need shredding after completion. It connects to your USB port to get it’s power and can shread a document which is A6 in size and for A4 you will need to fold it in half.


Via: usbgeek

USB Pen, MP3 player, voice recorder…

This new USB pen has it all. It is an actual pen which when pulled appart reveals a USB connection to allow you to connect it directly to your PC. The top part of the pen has all the controls which make this in to an MP3 player, voice recorder, and an FM radio. It has 512Mb memory built in also.


Via: Gizmodo

Zero Gravity Wall Climber

It’s tempting 🙂 I want one of these… not for any real reason appart from they look like a good laugh to watch.

This is the wall climbing Hummer!!!
What you do is just drive up to a wall… and continue driving. The Hummber then carries on but going upwards instead of across the floor.


So how does it work? It’s basically a remote control vacuum cleaner. The Hummer sucks air in which pins it to the wall.

These are available now from and cost arouind £80 in the UK. Check out the video they have on their site by clicking the link to and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Apple is moving ALL laptops to Intel

Apple has introduced the new MacBook laptop which is set to replace the current iBook series. All models of the MacBook will be rolled out with Intel processors. The 13-inch widescreen MacBooks feature Intel Core Duo chips, with prices starting at $1099.

Apple are attempting to cash in on the student market by rolling these out ready for the new school year, therefore they should be available by September 2006.

MacBooks available here.