Digio USB Flash Drive

Some great ideas for flash drives have been showing up over the last couple of years. We only just posted about the Pocket XP flash drive which allowed you to keep a backup of your OS should you need to do an urgent install when on the road. The Digio is another example of a great idea. This time the flash drive includes SD and MicroSD slots so you can transfer data to and from your SD cards via the flash drive. Its a simple idea which could be handy for those situations where you need to quickly backup data from your camera or mobile phone.

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Creative USB Cam Optia

Creative Cam Optia
The Creative Cam Optia is a new USB webcam to become available. With other webcams there are drivers which always need installing first to allow the camera to work on your system. However, this camera is different in that it uses a new USB video class called UVC which gets rid of the need to install drivers. UVC is a new class which works in a similar way to flash drives which plug in and go. As flash drives use the same standard, there are no drivers needed. UVC aims to follow this route. With more and more providers getting in on the UVC scene, you will start seeing cameras compatible cross platform such as on the PS3. You webcam will then work with different machines in your house and stop you needing to buy a dedicated cam for the PS3, Xbox etc…

The Creative Cam Optia is one of the latest cameras to use this technology and it looks like a great cam from the pics I have seen. A full review can be found at EverythingUSB.

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USB Grilling Device

USB Grill
We continue to see some cool and some crazy USB devices. This one is king of crazy though… If you have a spare 30 USB ports laying around and need to grill something up then mix the 2 together and you get a fully working USB grill. The photo above of the system uses a motherboard with a 500W PSU, it uses 6 x 5 port USB cards which are USB 1.1. Only 1.1 was needed because although USB 2.0 is quicker, that doesnt mean your burgers will cook any quicker 😉

For a full look in to this crazy project, check out the translated page with instructions on how to make it. Videos are also included at the bottom of the linked page.


Widgetstation is a stand alone device which it more advanced then other desk clocks and calendars you have seen before. It connects to your PC via wifi, ethernet or USB. Once connected to your PC the device can receive information and display it on one of it’s two screens. On the left is a mono LCD screen and on the right a colour LCD screen. Standard widgets included are able to display clocks, calendars, weather reports and anything you really want. What makes this possible is the ability to make custom widgets to use on the device, and it is also possible to display these widgets with other users. To download a new widget you need to use the widget engine which is provided as part of the service.
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Titan USB Memory Stick – Its Strong

Slava Tyukalov USB Memory Stick - Its Strong
Slava Tyukalov decided it would be cool to go and create USB flash drive that is ultra tough as well as waterproof, shock resistant, vibration resistant and also anti static proof. Along comes this device which is built from graphite and aluminium which is then coated in titanium to add extra strength. Only 100 of these will be made and will come in 1Gb and 2Gb sizes. The videos after the jump show the static test and crushing test and are well worth watching.
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Dr Who Tardis USB Hub

Dr Who Tardis USB Hub
USB hubs are seriously handy devices, but yet the majorty need to stay hidden as they are usually just a box with a number of connectors in. The Dr Who USB Tardis is different in the way that it’s just that… a Tardis. For those of you who are not familier with what a Tardis then it is a Time and Relative Dimension in Space which is in the form of a 1950s London police box. On a technical side it is a 4 port hub, features a blue flashing light and also makes the well known tardis noise each time you connect a USB device to it. As an added bonus it also features a demo button just incase you get bored of connecting and reconnecting all your USB devices.

Dr Who Tardis
The USB Tardis is available from Firebox for 19.95 pounds and unfortunatly does not allow you to travel in time although I have been told from a secret source that time travel will be available in version 2 when it comes out later this year 😉

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Memory Infinite – Concept USB Storage Device

Memory Infinite
The Memory Infinite is a concept idea thought of by Vicky Wei. The 3D models above were created and illustrate an example of linking multiple USB flash drives together to make the storage larger and appear as 1 virtual drive. As larger flash drive come on sale it no longer means the end of your old drive. The new drive can simply plug in to the back of the older drive and the storage space is increased. With it being concept there is no official date of this being released, if ever. The only questions that come to my mind is… how many drives would you want to link together before you have a serious long chain of them, and would it actually work as 1 drive.

This is still a nice idea and the 3D images do make it look cool.

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Wireless USB

Wireless USB
Since the launch of USB, this connectivity has enabled around 2 billion USB wired devices to be sold around the world. The time has now come to drop these wires while enjoying high speed transfers wireless style. Wireless USB is capable of transferring data at 480Mbps at a 3m range and 110Mbps at a 10m range. If you are like me and have a number of USB devices connected to your computer then the benefits are obvious. Digital cameras, iPods and a number of other USB devices soon stack up and the cables can become a mess. By using WUSB you are able to flick a switch, see the device connect and transfer the files.
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Wiihacks – Wiimote Controlled USB Missile Launcher

USB Missile Launcher
Here we go with the latest wiihack. This time you can controll with the wiimote a USB missile launcher. Now dont misunderstand here… this missile launcher fires out nothing but foam rockets. I just didnt want you thinking that you could rule the world with one of these things. Still, it’s a cool idea and well worth looking at if you want to have a good laugh.
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USB Shaver

USB Shaver
There are tons of USB devices out now ranging from the seasonal christmas tree, rool up piano and more. We now have the rechargeable USB shaver which is charged via your laptop. This is very useful for the business traveler who forgets their regular shaver or a compatible power supply. There isnt too much to the USB shaver. It has an LED which lights up when it is being charged and the USB connector which can fold in to the case to compact it even more.

It weighs just 74 grams and power consumption is low and it shouldnt kill your battery in your laptop.

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Universal Charging in China

USB Charging
China are to be praised for this decision. They made a rule that in China, all mobile phones are to use a standardized USB charger. This is a GREAT move forwards for China and I hope that all mobile phone companies follow suit and do this. This basically means that any mobile can be used with 1 charger and not a charger for every phone. It will be very handy for those who either forget to charge their phone, or want to charge their device via their laptop or another USB device.

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Rapid Transit USB

Rapid Transit
With the Zune that just hit the market, there is now the ability to transfer files wirelessly from Zune to Zune. Of course an iPod is not capable of this yet as no wireless functions are built in. No doubt the next gen version will more then likely have this feature. For now you will have to settle with the Rapid Transit USB to USB option. Basically you can connect 2 devices to the Rapid Transit and this will allow for quick file transfers between the two devices. The Rapid Transfer has a built in screen in which you can control where to copy and place the files on the devices which gives full control and helps you not write over anything you shouldnt.

The Rapid Transfer has a rechargeable battery that is handy while travelling with your music or files. Currently the device follows along with Apples DRM and this locks access to files until the ipod is resynced and a password is entered. Music not purchased from iTunes we can assume is not restricted when copying it over.

Available from Herrington for 129.95, it makes for an expensive way to transfer music. Keep in mind it’s not just for the ipod though and can be used to transfer documents, images, video and more from any 2 types of devices.

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