Rapid Transit USB

Rapid Transit
With the Zune that just hit the market, there is now the ability to transfer files wirelessly from Zune to Zune. Of course an iPod is not capable of this yet as no wireless functions are built in. No doubt the next gen version will more then likely have this feature. For now you will have to settle with the Rapid Transit USB to USB option. Basically you can connect 2 devices to the Rapid Transit and this will allow for quick file transfers between the two devices. The Rapid Transfer has a built in screen in which you can control where to copy and place the files on the devices which gives full control and helps you not write over anything you shouldnt.

The Rapid Transfer has a rechargeable battery that is handy while travelling with your music or files. Currently the device follows along with Apples DRM and this locks access to files until the ipod is resynced and a password is entered. Music not purchased from iTunes we can assume is not restricted when copying it over.

Available from Herrington for 129.95, it makes for an expensive way to transfer music. Keep in mind it’s not just for the ipod though and can be used to transfer documents, images, video and more from any 2 types of devices.

Via: OhGizmo

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